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V-Net Solutions: Contact Details, Elibility, Courses

Maharashtra, Thane
V-Net Solutions located on Thane and its regional office is located on 3Rd Floor, 210, Siddharth Tower, Opp.Khandelwal Bro., Nr.Rly Stations, Thane (W), Thane, Maharashtra, India- 400601

V-Net Solutions offer the Animation courses which is one of the growing fields in the professional education system. If anyone wants to make their future in space of the cartoons or fiction character then he / she can do the course related to animation in V-Net Solutions. Here everything is depending on the imagination of the person.

The V-Net Solutions develops imagination of a student, through the imaginative ideas candidate can see the far horizon that doesn’t have any relation to the real world, and animator makes this imaginative idea into the real using the animation techniques. More different you imagine more growth you can earn. Using the essential element like hard work and persistent one can boost their success.

V-Net Solutions provided various courses of the animation. V-Net Solutions is one of the various institutes which provide the certificate, diploma and even degree courses in the animation field. Animation can be learned only through the imagination power and which can be developed in the V-Net Solutions.

But today in addition to the imagination computer skill also needed because all the animation character that we today see is totally moved with the help of the computer graphics. Graphics is also very important part of the animation. Students can get admission into any reputed collandege like V-Net Solutions for doing this course and make their bright future. Under this course name some sub branches are also available. This sub branches gives the expertise to the student.

In our country very few institutes provides the courses related to the animation, V-Net Solutions is one of these institutes. For getting admission into the V-Net Solutions students have to take first all think in consideration. Like the duration of course, fee structure, institute reputation, campus placement, etc. After considering all things student can take admission for a particular course.

There are very less commercial companies for animation field but the benefit is that there is very less students also, who learn the animation. So the competition among the students is very less as compare to the other fields like engineering, management, medical, etc. So this is good opportunity to choose the Animation stream in V-Net Solutions.

Today in this field of animation competition is very less but in near future it will make the huge market with the great competitive candidates. Students can also take admission into the foreign universities because animation is not the new think there.

Also the teaching standard is far better than domestic teaching. But the basic ingredient needed for making good animation creator is creativity idea and in the V-Net Solutions, teachers have good ideas about Animation teaching. If there is lack of creative mind then nothing will be work out. As per our opinion students can make their very good career in this field only if student is ready to invest his/her imaginative energy with the V-Net Solutions.

V-Net Solutions Contact Details:

College Name: V-Net Solutions
Offered Courses: Master in Animation
College Address: 3Rd Floor, 210, Siddharth Tower, Opp.Khandelwal Bro., Nr.Rly Stations, Thane (W), Thane, Maharashtra, India- 400601
College Contact Numbers: 7738349498
College Email Ids: v4netsolutions@gmail.com
College Website:
State: Maharashtra
City: Thane

Why Choose V-Net Solutions:

1. V-Net Solutions is One of the very few providers of unique training in Maharashtra.
2. V-Net Solutions offered Case study based learning approach.
3. V-Net Solutions have experienced professionals as faculty.
4. V-Net Solutions offered Licensed courseware provided.
5. 100's of videos and live examples to learn from V-Net Solutions.
6. Opportunity to work on live projects.

Documents required for Admission in V-Net Solutions:

1. Passport size photographs (7 Nos.)
2. Matriculation (with Date of Birth)
3. Bachelor's Degree (Marks Certificates and Degree)
4. Any other relevant degree.
5. Migration Certificate from University last attended
6. Affidavit

Tution Fee for Admission V-Net Solutions:

1. Fees will be charged as per V-Net Solutions regulations and guidelines.
2. Examination fee shall be realised form each student admitted to the course as fixed by the V-Net Solutions.
3. As per V-Net Solutions rules The fee and other dues, including library security and computed fee etc. shall be deposited in lumpsum in the college within a week of the selection or as permit-ted by management.

Discipline needs to follow in V-Net Solutions:

1. During the training Period in the V-Net Solutions the students are expected to evince a high sense of discipline and good behaviour.
2. V-Net Solutions students shall not take part in any political activity nor shall they indulge in any subversive and anti-social activity.
3. No student of the college shall accept or retain full time or part time job during the period of his/her training in the V-Net Solutions.
4. No student of the college shall appear in any other examination of any University/Institution as long as he/she is undergoing V-Net Solutions B.Sc. In Animation (Specialization in 3D Animation and VFX), B.Sc. In Animation (Specialization in Game Design), B.Sc. in Multimedia / M.Sc. In Animation (Specialization in 3D Animation and VFX), M.Sc. In Animation (Specialization in Game Design), M.Sc. in Multimedia training.
5. A student remaining on unauthorized absence continuously for 15 days shall be liable to be struck off the rolls.
6. For eligibility to sit in the University examination at least 75% of the attendance in lectures is required in each paper.
7. V-Net Solutions reserves the right to change the rules and regulations contained in this prospectus from time to time without giving any prior notice.
8. Students are advised to carefully read all V-Net Solutions rules and regulations and strictly follow them. After admission of a candidate is finalised, it shall be taken for granted that all rules have been properly read by him. No excuse shall be entertained on this account later on.
9. Students are expected to follow the schedule of activity or calendar framed for the V-Net Solutions and take part in curricular and co-curricular activities as per instructions of the teachers and authorities.
10. Proceeding on long leave, abstaining from classes, especially before/after examination and summer/festival winter break shall be construed as an act of willful neglect for which heavy fine and or disciplinary action may be taken against defaulters.
11. All students are expected to perform some duties/activities in V-Net Solutions functions such as NSS activities and other socially useful productive work. Refusal to participate in these activities and unwillingness to come for rehearsals etc, before and after the college time or during holidays etc., shall be dealt with strictly.